Monday, April 18, 2011

Veg garden and new project

                                            New bed for some blueberrie bushes,gooseberrie bush netted
                                            Bin covering rhubarb,looking forward to a crumble this weekend
                                     Onions in, strawberries , peas,lettuce and carrots, rest still growing in greenhouse
                                                 Project chair! now i know what i´m going to make saturdays patchwork into,
                                           going to make some new cushion covers.
Who can resist this gorgeous wink

1 comment:

mum said...

Hi Lou . Love the gorgeous little winker, lol awwww hes lovely cant wait to see him again.Chair looks better ,love the fabric.Your craft cupboard is better.everything together now.Gardens coming on ,you hav been a busy ya xxx