Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lazy day

Today we have had a lazy day! the weathers been quite cool and drizzly. Been curled up unable to put the twilight book number 4 down, i was waiting for the film to come out but it as too good to miss when Kelsey picked it out in the libary yesterday in English!!!!
Have done a little sewing too, cut out little credit card size pieces of floral,garden,spring fabrics the other week,some are vintage scraps, not sure what its going to be a little mat or placemat for outside maybe?I just love the fabrics.
Its been nice to sew ever since i tidied it all up in my newly organised craft cupboard i havn´t had it out. The garden is taking first place with my spare time and at the end of the day i am shattered!!!!

Hopefully back in the garden tomorrow.

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