Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st December time to start opening the christmas calender

If you look in the left column you will see the christmas calender click on the pictures each day and make a different christmas craft. Today is scrappy houses which look fab. One of them will be a decoration from me!!!! excited lol!

Christmas decs at home.

Although been busy making them to sell, started making a few to hang here at home. Yesterday Myles came home with his tree cross stitch picture he had sewn at school which i framed and decorated with buttons. I have hung a scrappy raggy wreath on the inside door too, decorated with vintage santa bells and holly leaves and berries i made. Starting to feel a little christmassy, main decs are still up in the loft but that will be done in another week.The little one was excited this morning to go to creche in his santa hat, as they were going to a local farm where santa is apparantly sleeping to wake him up for christmas.

The weather outside is horrible,wet,cold and windy but at least no snow yet!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A busy weekend

A hard weekend wood chopping with a little relaxing sewing at night, have managed to make a tree topper angel which i cant wait to put on top of our christmas tree and a raggy wreath ready to put on the door.Luckily we have a porch so it wont get wet.

As you can see the next few weeks are going to be busy chopping wood!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reindeer with a red button nose tutorial!

Merry christmas and hello from visiting me from Our Craft Shops Advent Calender.
Easy to make in about 2 hours handsewing,but less if you glue or machine stitch,the ones i show have been blanket stitched around the edge.The female reindeers have antlers and the male reindeers lose them at the beginning of winter, so choose which you want to make or both.I had already made a red nose reindeer with antlers so today i chose to make a male one.

Brown felt
A red button
Thread and needle
Ribbon to hang and for around the neck
Small amount of stuffing

First draw a outline of a reindeer on stiff card and cut out,

Draw around reindeer on brown felt doubled over, and cut out 2 at the same time.
Next start blanketstitching around the edges starting at the nose,

Sew all way around until you get to the front leg, add a little stuffing to plump it out and carry on up to the neck. Push a little stuffing in the face and sew around to the beginning,fasten off. Now you are ready to bling up your reindeer by adding the button nose,sequin eye, ribbon and bell neck tie and the ribbon hanging. Bling and add what you wish making your reindeer individual, add hearts, Childs name,beads, sequins to bling it up, hang proudly on your tree.

Make sure you visit my shop where i have a few on sale@ If you make one for yourself be sure to add my name,would love to see some pics.
Thankyou and merry christmas.

Raggy wreaths

Been making these mini wreaths for my shop which to be honest i want to keep! Making a big one for myself to hang on my door, we are lucky enough to have a porch so it wont get wet, i love them!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winters wood arrived ready for chopping.

All pics of the boys today, Kelseys been busy partying and a girls chill out night at home whilst we went bowling. Today the wood has arrived ready for chopping for this winter looks like the next few weeks will be busy chopping and stacking but it will be worth it. First today the oil burner is getting converted so we can burn inside the utility room and not the barn this winter, will make it heaps easier.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In button Heaven

I love buttons hence my etsy shop name birdyheartsbuttons, i remember playing with nans button tin when i was little, i guess all nans and grannys saved their buttons, building up quite a stash,thankyou to 2 people!x Theres some gorgeous ones and all vintage some from the 50s bet they could tell a fair story! Some too gorgeous to sew on just anywhere i am going to  make a few  vintage jewellery pieces with some! need to have a play!Are you a button addict!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft show and halloween, Happy halloween all.

I Love You in sign language cookie cutter!!!
The willow angels me and kelsey made from the craft fair we visited on saturday.
Joe clowning around as normal!!!!
Little monkey def is not going to dress up for halloween!
Fabric stash bought from the craft fair.x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still here

Just busy sewing for my etsy page to earn a few extra pennies for christmas. Pic of some frogs we made last week.Thanks to a lovely friend who posted me the surprise cutter. Picture shows Jadens fab tractor pjamas i made too,he loves tractors!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wood chopping has started this weekend,thats the first lot chopped and stacked, also been busing sewsing trying to eafrn a few extra pennies for christmas.