Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reindeer with a red button nose tutorial!

Merry christmas and hello from visiting me from Our Craft Shops Advent Calender.
Easy to make in about 2 hours handsewing,but less if you glue or machine stitch,the ones i show have been blanket stitched around the edge.The female reindeers have antlers and the male reindeers lose them at the beginning of winter, so choose which you want to make or both.I had already made a red nose reindeer with antlers so today i chose to make a male one.

Brown felt
A red button
Thread and needle
Ribbon to hang and for around the neck
Small amount of stuffing

First draw a outline of a reindeer on stiff card and cut out,

Draw around reindeer on brown felt doubled over, and cut out 2 at the same time.
Next start blanketstitching around the edges starting at the nose,

Sew all way around until you get to the front leg, add a little stuffing to plump it out and carry on up to the neck. Push a little stuffing in the face and sew around to the beginning,fasten off. Now you are ready to bling up your reindeer by adding the button nose,sequin eye, ribbon and bell neck tie and the ribbon hanging. Bling and add what you wish making your reindeer individual, add hearts, Childs name,beads, sequins to bling it up, hang proudly on your tree.

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Thankyou and merry christmas.

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