Saturday, December 11, 2010

Been busy

the first one fleeced on the other side, it folds up neat.
Sorry no blogging over the last few weeks, have been busy sewing and will show some, been busy making car mats one for a special toddler thats posted to santa, and the other 2 for Jaden and Joe wanted one too, Jadens now done just finishing Joes although his is trickier wants a road to turn into a wall so he can escape when being car chased!!!
with attachable parking pocket which can be folded up(can´t show cos it has name on!) and can velcro on main road
 Jadens finished above with Joes above it still being finished, all backed too so really padded.
car wash and petrol pumps!
heart knitted garland made for me for a decoration swop
and this gorgous beaded knitted christmas tea cup.
last weeks snow,luckily all thawed last night but boys hoping it comes back for christmas so they can play on their new snow boards santa will be bringing!!!!

Kelsey made this lovely dogbed designed and sewn herself at school for the dog for christmas, the teacher said in her 20 years no one has ever made or designed something like this,praise indeed!

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