Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas tree patchwork wallhanging

Finished,just need to hang it!!!!how many days..............;) I´m loving this will look good on the kitchen wall.

              Jaden swaddled up after his bath, he has pjyamas on underneath but wanted to be swaddled back up again lol!!!! he is so funny!;=)

I´ve had to cancel the guest book due to problems with it loading, been busy messing with the layout too,comments or hellos are welcome from anyone reading in the comment place below.X


Quiltbenaco said...

Che simpatico!!!
Un bacetto a quel bel bambino!
Ciao Domenica

gran said...

Love the things u hav made jas ,and the christmas tree hanging,wot a good idea.Jaden looks nice and cuddley,love u all xxx

Tilburysindenmark said...

Thankyou both,

love the profile pic of you both toox