Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Bloom in the garden

                     This has spread like mad, its a lovely pretty little flower slightly tinged at the edges pink,not
sure the name.
                                 Have sown some mixed flowers in this pot so looking forward to it flowering
                                              5 min cup of tea time in peace;)

                                             This above the thin blue pretty flower not sure the name?

The flowers in the garden are starting to bloom,the hostas are huge this year,looking forward to them flowering. A few i´m not sure of the name.

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mum said...

hi Lou ,gardens blooming,think those white flowers could be in the Anmome family maybe a woodland one (spelt wrong)love the gazebo and flags it looks brill.\jaden looks to having fun blowing the paint,nearly forgot quilt looks great .love ya xxxx