Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clearing the climber in front of the house.

                                                half way on after yesterdays work
                                   Just need to trim the end climber and clear the soil, before sorting the gravel out,will look much better when the black is repainted.
                                                   The quilt getting ready to pin
                           love this newspaper print fabric.
3 wheelie bins full and a wheelbarrow so far have been taken down to the green place where we recycle our garden waste. Its been creeping in the walls full of snails and spiders, UGH! The honeysuckle was a nightmare too dig out but its now sitting in a bucket of water waiting to be replanted somewhere it can happily ramble.The wall needs filling in placing and the black bottom of the wall repainting. Will look better when i finish. The quilt is nearly ready to quilt, but will wait to the weekend.


mum said...

hi lou.it certainly looks better without the creeper,where are you goin to replant the honeysuckle.you hav been working hard .love the quilt.xxxxx

Tilburysindenmark said...

Your not kidding,hands sore and back killing! Thankyou love youxxxxxxx not sure where its going yet.