Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A pillow/blanket!

This is for someone special, of course that can only be my lovely hubby.I make blankets for everyone, and i guess it would be nice to have a bit of home in his lorry for when hes away in the week. Hope he likes it,it folds up into a pillow too which is cool. Its made with love and has loads of stuff what he likes on it, with houses inbetween to represent home! It was going to be a lap quilt  but he hinted it would go on his bed in the lorry.

                                             Flip the pillow right way out and ta dah!
                              Into a pillow, lol at the elvis! well he does love music,not sure Elvis!;)


pattypan.2 said...

How lovely that will keep him snug as a bug. Good that it folds into a pillow too so good for some shut eye. Clever girl and you are so quick at working.

Take care



mum said...

Hi Lou ,Hope jason loves his blankie as much as i do ,its gorgous,xxx

Tilburysindenmark said...

Thankyou both,mum will have to make you something with the ELVIS! lol;pxxxxx