Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rug,birds and painting!

The top picture shows about 8 swallows but this morning there was about 40 swooping back and forward from the roof top,Jaden and me stood for ages watching them fly.Could not capture them all but it was amazing.
Painting has started this morning white washing the barn wall, its like painting with water,then a few hours later it turns white. Needs quite a few coats. It did get stopped due to several wasp stings but will carry on this evening.
Last night we rewatched mama mia twice the first time we watched then played the sing a long!!! while i crochet the rug. Sometimes its good to have no internet!!! Its growing!

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mum said...

hi lou rug growing, ur doin a good job with the painting.We hav a lot of swallows ducking and diving by us too its like an areoplane ya xx