Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Restarted my half hexagon quilt!

I loved this idea in March but for some reason it got put aside,started the first 4 rows today and cut more half hexagons out!

inspired by this pic
from this lovely book

Started in March

4 rows sewn.

The weather has been torrential rain on and off
huge grey clouds overhead so a perfect day to restart a project!

Perfect weather for a growing sunflower!
a worn out Jaden getting cuddled by big sister Kelsey!

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mum said...

what better than a cuddle from big sis when your tired after creche.xx is that sunflower from the seedlings you grew in greenhouse and i planted them out in may ,its massive .love the quilt,and the weather looks similar to us ,and they call it summer lol.xxxxxlove ya all