Friday, July 22, 2011

Been a busy 2 weeks

Hubby been on holiday from work, we have got stuck into clearing the huge rubble pile caused by knocking the leaking garage down and half the barn roof which got mended last year. I never thought it would go,but by lots of hard work and trips to the recycling tip, its all gone. So relieved. We have come across toads and newts while clearing them so made a special rock pool, Its  full of nooks and crannys for them. Today in the rain i planted 3 aquatic plants into the pool, a small reed plant, a watermint, and a marsh cranes bill to keep the pool oxygenated..I keep popping out to look for a visitor!!!!

We did get out to the zoo one day!!!!!!

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mum said...

well done it will certainly look different when we are next over(prob be covered with snow then)lol glad at least you had a day at the zoo love ya all xxx