Saturday, June 11, 2011

Starting to bloom

                                         Some scattered seeds of mixed flowers have bloomed in this big pot,hopefully they will flower soon.
 This area was bare and neglected,have been working on this bit by next year it should have all spread.
 Not sure what these are we bought from the market like a cornflower but in red? Mum???lol

                         Scattered loads of seeds here which have grown,nearly in flower.

Mum and dad only see the garden in winter, so its nice to take some photos to show its starting to bloom,looking forward to the seeds which have grown what we scattered in come to flower.

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mum said...

hi last got on your blogg.still having a problem with internet,seems to be the dongle thats got a bit slack so if i knock it it goes off .need a new computor lol love your garden,its certainly blooming,glad all the seeds are coming into flower.dont know what the little red flower is looks to be in the pink the grass roof hut and the back gardens where abouts are they ?buns look yummy love the pic of jaden eating one,hes a little would love the fishing lake,wish we could come over in summer,but looked at flights and sailing and its so exspensive twice the price than winter and miss you all xxxx