Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last nights lunar eclipse was disapointing as it was too low down to see it, i did see the sky gorgeous red later on about 11ish.This morning we set off on my bike for a local trip round the town

                        The new madpakke huset! translates to lunchbox house! 2 mins away from where we live, its gorgeous, will be lovely when its finished to sit and eat a picnic over looking the lake.
                           7years we have lived here and never biked down the back here, what lovely gardens people had, full of veg plots!and little bridges leading over the water.

                    Jadens fav place to play pooh sticks!!!!

 The fire built ready for the towns skt hans fest next thursday, where they light a fire to ward away the bad spirits.
                   The brilliant grass roof shelter, I want one!!!!!
 Good job we wasn=t going through the gate further on as these cows didnt look friendly!!!!
                     The grass roof to attract wildlife.

I guess until you get out there and see whats on your doorstep you can miss some of these places.

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