Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mug rugs!!!!

                                                           Tea, Coffee, Cookies and cake!

                                              scrap christmas strips sewn together
                                                  chopped up horizontal then sewn back mixed up
                                         River cottage 10 minute cookies normaly have choc chunks in but these have    
                                          cherries in,these get polished off by them all in 10 minutes too!!!

                                                             christmas mug rugs!
These are the new coasters of blogland!!!! big enough to hold a mug and a snack,cookie or cake!!!! the christmas ones i can just see with a mince pie!!!! sigh its only october will have to wait at least a month!! really easy to whip together in about half hour. Good way to use fabric scraps. These i´ve sprinkled with mixed spice so they will smell gorgeous with a cup of tea or coffee on.


Chicken Christian said...

What a brilliant idea!

C x

Tilburysindenmark said...

Thanks they are really cool lol!i have a stack of 6 in the kitchen and they smell good!