Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn is definately here.

The last few days the weather has definately turned autumn, even though the sun is shining it is definately getting more chillier. The nights are getting darker and darker too. Looking forward the beginning of October and getting some heat on in the house, so far apart from a odd hour we have done without! guess i´ve got enough lap quilts for everyone nearly to have one!!!!

 The roof is nearly all on just a few more to go,then for it all to be sealed and finished round the edges, not to mention the rubble removal from the garage!!!!! least this winter we won´t have to worry about it caving in and losing the heating.When its totally finished and cleared up will show some before and after.It slopes once more like the original picture we have from years ago.
 The nasturiums have gone mad this year round the vegetable garden edge,most self seeded from last year.
 Jaden loves going into the chickens!!!!not sure the chickens as happy lol!
only 2 sunflowers flowered this year and really late this year,the other i picked and its in the autumn flowers and bramble bouquet at the top we picked yesterday.

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