Monday, August 9, 2010


sorry no pics having trouble downloading to the comp seems like the phone will only send to facebook!!!! will be back with pics.
Summer hols gone quick,all back to school today,starting sewing again doing a quilt a long at crazymomquilts doing it in christmas fabric but think just going to do about 6 or 9 stars for some snugling winter quilts.
Started last week a sourdough starter,been feeding it for a week and now its slowly in the second stage,hoping its ready to prove over night ready for bread making tomorrow.

Inspired by river cottage last night to make his beetroot and chocolate brownies, if its anything like the chocolate courgette cake i made last year it will be delish!!!!

Found a onion jam recipe too which is supposed to be good on cheese, meats in fact on its own!!!!so will be making this too this week.:)

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Debbie Dolphin said...

save them to your picture file on your comp from facebook lou then put them on your blog ;P