Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pics from the weekend

Flags flying on the line, the union Jack flag is for Joanne who wanted one to match her mini!!!!!hope she likes it.The Tillykke flags in the kitchen were put up for fathers day, going to hang them up on birthdays and celebrations!!! bit of a pain to sew on the letters lol,its shabby chic style!!!!!
We´ve had a lovely weekend of weather but now we have rain, oh well saves me watering the garden, it is looking as everyone says LUSH!!!lol!!! i hate that word!!!!
We´ve visited the caravan place,see beach and have booked the caravan on for the season, taking it out a week on sat ready for the kids breaking up for summer.

Next quilt project is a picnic,beach caravan blanket hoping for a hot summer to lay out on this space ........LOL!!!!!!!
please if you read this blog other than my mum and Debbie please pop in and say hello!;)your very welcome

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