Monday, April 12, 2010


I´ve made 4 bags for the childrens sports(Jaden too!!!!) so fed up of them rummaging for carrier bags in a morning and since i started taking my reusable bags to the shops i no longer have any carriers. Kelsey modeling a t-shirt shrug we remodelled from a old t shirt, it was so quick and easy and she wore it to school!!!!now wants a black one making!!!! I have also made 2 garden tidy pinnies for a craft swop just need to finish the ties, i have 3 pairs of jadens pants to make smaller at the waist,a cushion to mend, a stuffed toy and a tilbury knee quilt to finish!!!!!going to be busy then!!!!:)

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Debbie Dolphin said...

it'll keep you out of trouble !!!!lol 'ANGEL DELIGHT!!!!!' PMSL