Thursday, March 11, 2010

signs of spring!!!

Not really but you can´t beat a bunch of daffs or a spotty spring chicken plant to persuade you spring IS coming!!!Another sign of spring is big risen yorkshire puddings LOL mum the children said these arn´t like grans!!! i´ll have to pass you the secret lol!!!! and last of all fingers crossed the snow is thawing!!!!
Jaden in his new pyjamaas and slippers how hard is it to get him to stand still lol!!!


Debbie Dolphin said...

2 eggs is the secret!!!lol and lou one of your chickens has escaped!!!hee hee
debbie xxx

Anonymous said...

lol!!! the chicken in the bowl does keep escaping Jaden keeps bringing it to me saying cluck cluck(chicken noises lol!)x and yes i use 2 eggs not sure what mum uses lol!