Thursday, August 20, 2009

A cheeky boy

Each day Jaden is standing longer on his own,he has taken a little step too,he is so pleased to stand there,he is so clever he tried to stand on his head too!!!!!
A neighbour brought a courgette round yesterday asking how to cook it,i sent him away with instructions then remembered the recipe for courgette and chocolate cake which ive been curious to try, it is delicious, the kids love it and its a good way of getting them to eat the glut of courgettes.I sent some round for my neighbour last night so i hope they like it.
We check the chickens last thing at night and was surprised to find 3new chicks under the broody hen we had moved into her box only on sunday,she is on a few more so we will see in the next few days, will try to post pics and of these and the giant sunflowers!!!!12 foot plus!

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