Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Is the chemical process which takes place to turn the chemical/lye and chosen oil(veg,palm,coconut etc) into plain SOAP! using the cold method.The soap reaches a trace (saponification)and is poured into your mold,left overnight to harden,then wrapped up in a towel and put into your airing cupboard for 4 weeks to cure.The soap is then free from chemicals and is pure soap!!!! going to have fun experimenting with this,going to make good plain soap first til i learn from mistakes.The heart batch looks good but have a feeling the petals will go slimy so next time will used dried. The oatmeal was added as a scrub and hopefully going to be louises fresh from the garden gardening soap for scrubbing dirty hands.Next going to make plain soap before venturing into adding oils and colours etc. I need to make a mucky boy soap too to encourage washing LOL!!!!!x

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